Freight Invoice Management, Strategy & Reviews

About Us

Factor Freight Solutions (FFS) is an Australian owned freight management consultancy that has performed hundreds of freight and logistics reviews and implemented software backed invoice audit solutions for wholesalers, retailers and other national enterprises since 2005.

Our focus is providing our clients with highly accurate and detailed data to provide the platform for making informed and important decisions. Our team have decades of experience working in freight, logistics, supply chain and data management and have access to best of breed technologies and tools that allow us to identify and assist our clients to manage or update their transport and freight strategies, streamline their invoice checking and processing or expedite their daily route planning.

Freight Invoice Management

Our flagship invoice auditing service, PoochPay, combines the extensive experience of our team as well as powerful software and tools to offer our clients weekly Accounts Payable audits. This is the very same tool we’ve used to power $10m in freight audits redesigned to include a client facing interface.

PoochPay captures your invoice data line by line, directly from the invoice before our Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) algorithm converts the data into a universal format allowing easy comparison and reviews across suppliers, vendors, and transport partners.

A complete AP solution, PoochPay streamlines your invoice processing from receipt and data capture, through to validation, cost allocation and payment. The data collected through this process powers our detailed dashboards and reports built within AWS’ Quicksight platform.

PoochPay processing flow diagram:



Freight Management & Strategy Consulting

FFS also offer full-service freight and warehouse review and strategy consulting services. With over 30 years industry experience, FFS Director Trevor Bruhn can assist you to conduct an in-depth freight strategy reviews, develop cost and service shipping profiles and conduct freight tenders.

These reviews are data backed and all include a historical review of all invoices from the past 6 months with the option to continue on with weekly freight invoice audits to measure progress and ensure compliance.

Route Management

FFS is proud to be an authorised re-seller for WorkWave’s Route Manager software package. This powerful GPS routing technology combined with decades of freight experience provides the opportunity to re-evaluate and re-structure your existing freight routing strategy, provides tools for measuring key metrics and KPI’s as well as powerful a customer communication platform to provide to provide the customer the best possible last mile delivery experience possible.

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