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Factor Freight Solutions is an Australian owned freight management consultancy that has performed hundreds of logistics reviews for wholesalers, retailers and other national enterprises since 2005. We cut costs for our clients by identifying opportunities to streamline freight operations, reducing carrier expenses, optimising supply chain strategies and improving overall customer experience.

Factor Freight can save you more than 10% on shipping costs by consolidating and analyzing your existing data. By examining your day-to-day activities, we find the best way to reduce your operational expenses. Our freight auditing and invoice management solutions identify issues with your rate validation, transport strategy, route selection, carrier choice and other factors.

With our professional guidance and Freight Invoice Management software (FIM), you can easily resolve your administration problems and save money.

Complete Freight Invoice Management Capabilities

We streamline difficult and time consuming activities into easy-to-manage exercises that you can keep track of with simple business reports. Get help with:

  • Streamlined invoice processes.
  • Accurate cost allocation.
  • Eliminated overcharges.
  • Consolidated, web-based reporting.
  • Accurate and timely accruals.
  • Reduced administration costs up to 40%.

Meet the Director

Meet the Logistics Consultant Director

Trevor Bruhn is a logistics consultant with over 30 years of industry experience. He loves to share his wisdom and management tips so you can maximise your freight efficiency while cutting your costs.

Time for a Logistics Comparison?

Our freight cost solutions can save you in excess of 10% per annum. Call our logistics consultants to learn more.