The Scatterplot Dashboard

The Scatterplot is a little used dashboard that is great for being able to identify trends and patterns from one snapshot. We also use it to identify outlier transactions that may require investigation. The beauty is that you can present a large amount of data on one view. We regularly increase the power by adding quick filters, colours and symbol markers that enable multiple departments or services to be identified.

Overlapping Zones / Suburbs and Post Codes

When Zones / Suburbs and Post Codes overlap in your rate cards it is time to be vigilant. Don’t expect that the carrier will provide the cheapest option as this is not the case. Rate cards need to be carefully scrutinised to ensure that the rating rules are as agreed. Recently we identified situations where Zone, Post Codes and Suburb rates overlapped and the highest rates were applied. Normally you would expect that this would apply to locations that are difficult to access. There are good reasons for adding these rating lines, such as covering more difficult regions or high-volume towns...
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Do yourself a favour, organise your fleet

Fleet routing software has come a long way. During my time at Linfox, we used to be in awe at the expertise of the routing manager, especially the in the beverage division that services all the delis, petrol stations. It was not only because the operators had the largest display screens in the office, but the complexity and detail required to optimise the route for these vehicles was awesome. The expense associated with venturing into this sophistication was large and a serious barrier to entry. Even with fleet sizes of 15 – 20 it was a marginal exercise. This situation...
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Where are freight rates going? We believe up is the only way

Over the last 12 months, the carriers have pushed to increase base freight rates higher, and we don’t see this trend changing soon. The massive oil price adjustment that commenced in July 2014 saw fuel levies reduce by 10-15%, and this allowed the carriers more room to target higher than CPI increases in their base rates without upsetting the market. The benefits of the oil move have now washed through, and in fact, given the historically low price of oil; a large move is more likely to occur be on the upside. The carrier profitability and shareholder returns need to...
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Freight Invoice checking – A necessity not a luxury

The insurance cost associated with quality invoice checking is very modest when compared to the potential failures; in fact, I cannot remember when the cost of thorough checking outweighed the benefits by a long, long  way. Effective freight invoice checking is a vital component of any supply-chain control process. Whilst we always consider that freight company overcharges are the reason to check accounts, and we should do this, there are two other elements that if left uncontrolled will cost the organisation far more than price errors or duplicate overcharges. 1- Monitor your team It is essential that we monitor what...
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Freight Analysis Tips – Customer Cost Profiles

Customer Cost Profiles – Business Case This dashboard was created by our dashboard expert Thao Ngo. Whilst it was created a few years ago, it is still relevant today and provides a great example of a well-structured design. This model was created to capture the cost to service each customer in a fast-moving consumer good environment. The business was concerned that some of their customers were taking advantage of the free delivery terms and firing in masses of orders each day. Whilst the data has been cut down Thao has been able to incorporate a nice array of filters that...
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Why do you need to Check your Freight Invoices?

Some of our clients didn’t think they needed to do Freight Invoice Checking, they were happy with the internal controls however this changed after the process had been completed.. Some of the reasons for their change of heart was the identification of overcharges, duplicated transitions, transactions that were not covered by contracts, and the cost associated with incorrect service and carrier selections by their supply chain teams. The Factor Freight business model involves assisting large freight users to administer their freight invoices. This involves the collation of invoice data from different providers and internal shipping information. These data sources contain...
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Freight Analysis Tips – Introduction

The purpose of this post is to provide our readers with dashboard designs that are especially pertinent to the freight and supply chain industry. Tableau Software We will provide you with a snapshot of some of the designs that can be used to make large volumes of very different information more transparent and easy to interpret: Customer Cost Profiles Route Cost Summaries (Coming soon)