Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take Factor Freight to complete implementation setup?

We generally advise up to three business days for the client and up to four weeks for Factor Freight Solutions to complete the implementation.

Does Factor Freight’s system need to integrate with our enterprise resource planning?

No. We only require a .csv or .xls despatch manifest file from the ERP system to commence our process. Our FIM software generates formatted templates for accounts payable files.

How does Factor Freight log freight company invoice information?

Carriers normally add Factor Freight Solutions to their invoice email or via FTP to our secure servers.

How often are freight cards updated?

They are updated as soon as new rates are agreed. The reporting system provides a summary of all non-contracted expenses and your team would then negotiate rates as required. Fuel levies are adjusted weekly / monthly .

How frequently does Factor Freight update their software?

FIM is upgraded quarterly at no additional cost.

Which freight companies can be audited?

We have reviewed transactions with over a hundred transport providers.