Fleet Routing


Save over 20% on your shipping costs with effective fleet routing by WorkWave Route Manager software.

Whether you have a single vehicle operation or you are running dozens of trucks, WorkWave Route Manager can help you optimise your shipping, cut your costs and make your entire operation more efficient.

Route Manager analyzes your vehicle costs, rosters, job configurations and any special requirements of vehicles or drivers. The software uses all available data to make routes as quick as possible and give you insight into your fleet’s movements with GPS capability.

These are some of the issues that cost businesses money that WorkWave Route Manager can easily fix:

  • Poor routing that leads to increased kms.
  • Ineffective communication, particularly when changes occur.
  • Unsuitable transport types.
  • Inefficient fleet composition (wrong balance of vehicles).
  • Inconsistent and unreliable performance metrics.
  • Unbalanced fleet structure (permanent, casual drivers).
  • Incorrect fleet mix.

WorkWave Route Manager Benefits

WorkWave Route Manager can reduce your fleet costs by up to 20% in just 60 days by:

  • Enabling you to serve more orders with fewer resources.
  • Minimising route planning efforts and increasing response times with fully automated route processing.
  • Increasing service levels by enabling accurate ETAs, special skill requirements and increased resource capability.
  • Optimising financial control with accurate fleet routing costs.
  • Reducing administration costs by automating time consuming processes like scheduling and daily route planning.
  • Allowing for rapid response to route issues and scheduling changes.
  • Minimising fuel costs with optimised routes and smarter assignments.
  • Customising fleet management implementation support.
  • Optimising operational performance and customer service delivery within a 60 day timeframe.
  • Minimising labour and vehicle use by ensuring the most effective routes are used every time.
  • Eliminating inefficiency and excess vehicles.
  • Improving customer service.

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