Freight Analysis Tips – Customer Cost Profiles

Customer Cost Profiles – Business Case

Delivery Cost Profile by Customer (1)
This dashboard was created by our dashboard expert Thao Ngo. Whilst it was created a few years ago, it is still relevant today and provides a great example of a well-structured design.

This model was created to capture the cost to service each customer in a fast-moving consumer good environment. The business was concerned that some of their customers were taking advantage of the free delivery terms and firing in masses of orders each day.

Whilst the data has been cut down Thao has been able to incorporate a nice array of filters that enhances the user experience and enables the key information to be easily obtainable. The result is the cost to service every customer, including key freight measures such as:

  • frequency
  • Average charge weight
  • Consignment cost.

If you drill into Customer Joni Ocampo, it is very obvious that the Sales Account Manager needs to discuss the order frequency, 118 in May or 6 per workday. Imagine how much cost can be reduced without really impacting the service.

To open the dashboard and interact with the Tableau report, please CLICK HERE

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