Freight Analysis Tips – Introduction

The purpose of this post is to provide our readers with dashboard designs that are especially pertinent to the freight and supply chain industry.

Tableau Software

Thao Ngo
Senior Analyst at Factor Freight Solutions
Factor Freight Solutions utilise Tableau Business Intelligence software, and the examples that we will provide in the following posts can be directly accessed through their public gallery. We thank Thao Ngo for her contribution and whilst these were created a few years back that are still pertinent today. By logging in you will achieve the full look and feel of the filters, sort functions and drill down functionality that provides the power of these reports.

The benefit of great reporting in any discipline is well accepted; however, this has been difficult to achieve in the freight and supply chain industry.

The formatting of data, vague units of measures and changeable terminology have all impacted on the data capture process. The staff have traditionally spent more time accumulating data and making sure that it is correct than analysing the results.

There is a cost associated with getting the data right; however, well-constructed dashboards can be the key to unlocking sizable business improvements.

For those wishing to stay at the cutting edge of dashboard design, we would recommend a couple of great authors: Stephen Mc Daniel and Stephen Few are prolific publishers on the mastery of dashboard design and in a couple of hours working through their designs will provide a raft of ideas on the most suitable structures for the different reports.

We will provide you with a snapshot of some of the designs that can be used to make large volumes of very different information more transparent and easy to interpret:

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