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Logistics Comparison

Save thousands of dollars on your shipping costs and only pay a small fee and a portion of what you save.

How it works:

We examine your entire supply chain and use this freight analysis to identify issues like:

  • Wrong carrier assignments.
  • Poor order consolidation.
  • Inefficient backorder management processes.
  • And more.

Generally, we save businesses 10% on their shipping rates and 10-15% on improvements to their customer freight management practices.

And customers only pay a small fee and then a portion of what we save them.


  • Always receive precise quotations from carriers by presenting them with accurate specification and activity summaries.
  • Remove and/or adjust historical anomalies to more accurately forecast future activities.
  • Identify and resolve inefficiencies so your forecasting model works better.
  • Create templates for specification and activity summaries to save time.
  • Improve your cost comparison and decision making processes with well designed,¬†interactive business intelligence dashboards that support hypothetical calculations.

At the completion of the review, we provide clients with a detailed transport strategy covering carrier and service selection for each route and customer type. This drives down costs and often results in savings of 20% or more and you only pay a small fee and a portion of these savings.

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