Administrative Savings

Save massive amounts of time and reduce your administrative costs by up to 40% with Factor Freight Invoice Management (FIM). We audit your invoices and eradicate redundancies, errors and miscalculations.

FIM cuts down time and money spent on:

  • Cost allocation of individual transactions.
  • Confirmation of prices and measurements.
  • Cataloguing of weekly invoices.
  • Collection of credit notes and outstanding claims.
  • Accruals.

FIM will also create a carrier payment file for you to more easily track your payments and streamline your point of delivery management processes.

Claims Management

Get a complete overview of all your overcharging claims so they are easy to track and reference, saving you time and frustration.

Our FMI system catalogues each incorrect charge by error classification, which speeds up the recovery process. Avoid spending inordinate amounts of time trying to recoup money you were overcharged for. 

Factor Freight Invoice Management software simplifies your administrative processes, saving you time, money and stress.

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