Do yourself a favour, organise your fleet

Fleet routing software has come a long way. During my time at Linfox, we used to be in awe at the expertise of the routing manager, especially the in the beverage division that services all the delis, petrol stations. It was not only because the operators had the largest display screens in the office, but the complexity and detail required to optimise the route for these vehicles was awesome.

truck-FLEETThe expense associated with venturing into this sophistication was large and a serious barrier to entry. Even with fleet sizes of 15 – 20 it was a marginal exercise.

This situation has dramatically altered, and the cost of the software is not expensive, and a lot of them are cloud based. The driver’s phone is the only hardware that is required to provide a live interface, and this can also be used for geo mapping their location.

Whilst there is a training requirement and a structure to format the input of orders into the routing system, this can usually be completed in a few hours. It is now possible to utilise the software to manage as little as one vehicle; therefore, if you operate any size of fleet we would recommend that you explore the available options. From our experience, the savings associated with a good implementation are usually greater than 20% and the additional control that is provided removes a lot of frustration that is associated with the manual planning, and phone based communication process.

Do yourself a favour; Revisit the viability of implementing a routing system into your operation. There are a number of different alternatives available, and we are sure that there is a program that will best suit your situation.



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