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Welcome to Factor freight Blog. The main goal of this blog is to keep you informed and up to date about freight trends, freight reporting and invoice management. We’ll give you tips in order to save money in your freight spent!

About the Author

Trevor Bruhn
Factor Freight Solutions Director
Trevor Bruhn prior to creating Factor Freight Solutions operated in Senior Logistics roles for large consumer good, retailers and transport organisations. As a great believer in the adage of “what you can’t measure you can’t manage” he was always frustrated by the lack of reporting / data-management tools and support that was provided to the supply-chain folks and in particular, the freight managers. At the end of each week / month the already hard-working staff spent days of effort to identify the causes of an overspend; only to find out the original reports was based on wrong or missing data or something beyond their control had changed. Spreadsheets were the preferred support system as they could be utilised by most staff, but simple changes or deletions of cells were problematic to say the least. There needed to be a better way, and he has invested the last 10 years resolving the problem.
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